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Floor Tiles


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A well-executed floor tiling installation can truly transform the look and feel of a room. With so many beautiful materials and designs to chose from, you can create a very high quality, practical and aesthetically pleasing floor to compliment any room or decor. Whether it be a kitchen, bathroom or conservatory, correct preparation of the subfloor is critical to the final appearance and durability of the finished installation. We will explain all the different options and every step in the process to you to ensure you get the greatest satisfaction and service life from your floor tile installation.

Kitchen Interior


Transform your living space

Wall and floor tiling provides a practical, low-maintenance and attractive solution to the daily wear-and-tear that a kitchen sees. We can provide advice on design, finishing items such as trims and grout as well as products to enhance the look and durability of your kitchen tile installation.

Modern Bathroom


Beautiful and practical

Tiles are the most critical part of a bathroom installation. Not only do they allow the homeowner/designer to create a stunning visual impact, they are also the primary defense againt water and steam. We will provide all the advice and information on the wide range of products and solutions that are available to best meet your needs and ensure that your bathroom tile installation looks great and lasts a very long time.

Swimming Pool Tile Installation


A crucial part of the tile installation process

We also cover preparation of walls and floors, such as overboarding and waterproofing. Tiles and grout are not inherantly waterproof and over time can allow water to penetrate into the underlying wall or floor causing extensive and costly damage. Waterproofing of surfaces-to-be-tiled in wet areas (commercfial and domestic) is now required by British Standards (BS 5385-1:2018). As such, we work to meet the British standard as a minimum and exceed it wherever possible. We can advise on the suitability and limitations of common building materials as tile substrates as well as alternative products and waterproofing solutions available on the market.



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